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Industrial Power Response was launched to bring high performance flywheel technology with rapid payback to the industrial electrification and grid markets.

The company is founded on over 30-years of research and development by leaders in the field.  Read more about our technology's development below.

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Present - Launch of Industrial Power Response for electrification and grid markets

The founders of Industrial Power Response believe that there is a gap in the market for a heavy duty energy storage system serving the high power, high frequency transient power requirements of industry.  Observing sub-optimal application of lithium solutions, unaffordable capacitors and over engineered flywheels, the team seize the opportunity to acquire flywheel energy storage technology originated in the UK by BP.

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2014 to 2018 - Technology developed by spin out from University of Reading

A full scale complete electric machine is built to prove in regenerative mode on large industrial equipment.  The system uses upgraded techniques for the flywheel, high performance switched reluctance motor/generators emerging from University of Leeds and control systems developed by University of Reading.  This system becomes the core base module design used by Industrial Power Response.  The spin out is funded by Innovate UK, UK's Department for Energy and Climate Change (now BEIS), and European Union's Climate-KIC.

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2009 to 2014 - Researchers from BP develop complete electric machine with University of Reading

The leaders from the BP research team take the electrification route by designing a flywheel energy storage system that interfaces with DC-bus electrical networks.  The team opt to focus on industrial equipment and grid rather than automotive.  The team win a Shell Springboard award.

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Early years - High performance low cost flywheel developed by BP for automotive

The flywheel technology is developed by BP, the British oil and gas multinational, at its research facilities in Sunbury-on-Thames.  BP’s focus was the production of a high performance low cost flywheel for early hybridisation of automotive.  The project had extensive support from Rolls Royce and GKN.  This era of the BP development shares DNA with the successful flywheel applications into motorsport.

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